An Idea(Pad) for your Next Event

Do you need laptops for your next event but can’t decide on what you need? Well, I have just the idea for you, consider getting a Lenovo IdeaPad. The Lenovo IdeaPad series is absolutely massive, which means a Windows laptop rental to suit your event need is guaranteed.

Lenovo 100s

If you want to wow your crowd on a budget, consider renting laptops from the IdeaPad 100 Series. If you need to delve into model specifics, the 11″ IdeaPad 100s is very useful for events because it comes with a battery life that makes it capable of surfing the web for 8 hours. Other strengths of the Lenovo 100s are:

  • Built-in webcam and microphone
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • HDMI Output so you can better display relevant information
  • Microphone/headphone jack
  • 32 GB eMMC flash storage
  • 2 GB of RAM to run the programs you need

The Lenovo 100s contains all of the above features and brings them to the table with the sleek design and Windows 10. A little warning should be included though if your event is dependent on DVDs or CDs, do not get an 11” Lenovo 100s, instead consider getting one of the larger models, such as a 15.6” Lenovo 110-15IBR, which is much larger but comes with a built-in DVD-RW drive.

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