Best Jabra Revo Wireless Headsets of 2020 in the USA For Entertainment

Best Jabra Revo Wireless Headsets of 2020 in the USA For Entertainment

Jabra continues to lead the telecommunications industry with High-End devices that fulfill all entertainment needs. We have reviewed the best Jabra wireless headsets of 2020 in this article, so read on below.

1- Jabra REVO Black Wireless Ear Headphone

This innovative headset is constructed by steel and aluminum, which ensures durability and strength. It fits incredibly well and has a superior design and comfortability. Two wearing styles of over-the-ear and headband are offered which you can choose according to your preferences. The earpads are stuffed with soft memory foam, which offers a secure fit and sticks to your ears tightly and filters out ambient sounds. The bold labeling on the ear-cups as “Left” and “Right” gives an easy indication.

The headband is air-cushioned, and they are accompanied by metal armatures to give a sturdy feel. It boasts an array of technological features such as a built-in Microphone for responding to calls, a turntable touch control, NFC pairing, wireless Bluetooth 3.0, Hi-Fi frequency response, intuitive touch controls, and USB charging. In order to store the device, it can be folded up into a tight, compact form.

The multi-function button, which is situated in the middle of the turntable, can play or pause music and respond to calls. The integrated remote allows you to use the device like wired headphones, which gives more refined sound. For entertainment, the headset can be directly connected to the PC by using the micro USB charging cable. Charging can be carried out when the headset is on Bluetooth mode or connected to the PC as well.

The Revo black headphone is compatible with the Jabra Sound App, which gives you an unforgettable music listening experience. The Jabra Sound App can be installed on both Android and iPhone devices. The advantage of this app is that it turns on Dolby Digital Plus processing technology, which changes the way music sounds.

Another feature of Mobile Surround is also activated by this app, which enlarges the frequency range of music. Moreover, the levels of treble and bass can also be shifted according to one’s preferences. The battery life consists of 12 hours, and the Bluetooth headphones can be converted into a headset for making calls of high quality. Along with the standard wireless headphones, the box is equipped with a USB cable, a 1.2 meters detachable audio cable of 3.5 mm, a protective bag, and a quick start guide.

2- Jabra Revo Wireless Ear Headphone

These on-ear headphones are not only extremely comfortable and light to wear, but they are constructed using the best premium materials with a smooth finishing and a tight fit. It is made with steel hinges and aluminum frame for solid build quality. Moreover, the headband is unbreakable and shatterproof. They can be neatly folded when not in use. It comes with an extra mobile jack in order to share music with other people.

With the help of intuitive Turntable Touch Controls, you can easily manage all the functions. The two jacks of headphones are situated at the base of each ear-cup. Moreover, you can conveniently make and attend calls with the help of a microphone attached with an in-line remote. Durability and strength are enhanced by the L-shaped plug, which lasts for a long time. The sound quality is excellent and even better than most of the Jabra wireless headsets of 2020.

Design is sturdy and attractive. The colors in which the headphones are available are white and dark grey. The memory foam padded ear-pads makes it easier to stick tightly to ears and cancel out the background noise. The air-cushioned headband fits on your head nicely due to the metal armatures. The fact that the headphones are cloth-covered avoids the tangles. A detachable cable also adds up to the easiness.

The sound delivered by the headphones is smooth, dynamic, pleasant, and neat, which is perfect for listening to any kind of music due to the depth and richness. The full spectrum sound also does justice with the sub-bass synths, strong percussion, and wavering pads. With this device too, you can download the Jabra Sound App, which gives a customized and enjoyable music listening experience. The Mobile Surround mode makes you feel as if you’re in a concert, and the Dolby Digital Plus processing technology allows the user to change the settings and levels of all tones.

The addition of NFC tap-to-pair technology is helpful for connecting the headphones to your other devices. Moreover, the music can be accompanied by the long playback after pairing with other devices. The USB charging makes the headphones easy-to-use and carry anywhere. If you want to switch to a corded headset, you can use the 3.5mm jack. It has an operating range of 10 meters and a talk time of 12 hours. Not many Bluetooth headsets offer this much value in the market. These wireless headsets will redefine your concept of entertainment with their outstanding performance.

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