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Fabric banners are used in conventions, trade shows, and numerous other events for business purposes. Though you will find a broad range of styles, sizes, as well as installations, eventually there are two types of banner options when it comes to material choice, fabric and vinyl. 

Though big or small companies use vinyl, fabric displays provide many benefits that are frequently ignored. Fabrics are always better options for your upcoming event. 

According to an article published in https://www.entrepreneur.com, there are many ways to boost your brand awareness. When you can invite industry influencers to display your products or logo in banner ads, there is nothing like it. Here are four important reasons why you must choose fabric displays for your next event: 

4 Reasons to Choose Fabric Banners for Your Next Business Event


Since textiles can be moved easily while being folded, rather than rolling, it could be stored much more conveniently and in much little space. As far as a six-foot broad vinyl banner is concerned, it would form a six-foot roll, which is hard to move or maneuver. Then, you will find it easy to shove a fabric banner of similar size into a grocery bag, or just store the same in a cardboard box, or on a shelf. It is particularly practical when travelling, or when you plan to ship event materials. Standard box ships much more affordably compared to a 6-8 foot height tube. 


It is true that vinyl banners are prevalent and popular because of their toughness and resistance to depreciation. Then, even if a vinyl banner is a perfect and all-weather display material, it is prone to form creases and deformation because of any pressure. That is why vinyl banners need to be cautiously rolled-up while storing the same, instead of folding. 

This is not the case if you are using fabric banners for your next event. The standard cloth-made banner materials such as polyester, satin, nylon, as well as other artificial fibers are resistant to creases, wrinkles, and of course tear-proof. Any fold and crease mark, if formed due to folding; you can get rid of them fast and effortlessly with a simple iron used in homes.

Cleaner pictures 

It is true that vinyl display banners come with many benefits, but in situations, where the indoor photo-shoot is necessary; there are problems with the use of vinyl. As vinyl is plastic, the material is slightly reflective, and light reflection leads to problems in circumstances where flash photography is applied. Fabric displays, on the contrary, soak ups camera flashes so that photos appear much more clean, attractive, and natural. It could be a huge asset at events like trade shows or occasions, where there are VIPs and paid photography matter a lot.

Look and feel 

Fabric banners look much better when it comes to the appeal compared to vinyl displays. The process of dye sublimation of fabric makes your banner look brilliant and soft, adding a natural texture compared to artificial vinyl banners. 

Final words

Now that you know about the benefits of using fabric banners, make an informed decision. Opt for cloth display ads at your next event to take your brand awareness to the next level. 

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