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If you’ve been tasked with setting up an internal user training event at your company, you understand the gravity of arranging a workshop from scratch. As the seminar fast approaches, there is no skirting the many different pieces that go into running a successful user training. From preparing your presentation, inviting guests, arranging a venue, and setting up all laptops with the required software, you can certainly use a helping hand. We can provide exactly that, and more, to help your event succeed.

There is no doubt that one of the biggest challenges training planners face is configuring a large set of laptops for training. For one, this task can be rather technical, requiring expertise in computing systems and hardware requirements. It can also raise questions of cost-effectiveness for your organization. Does it really make sense to invest in tens or hundreds of laptops for one event? Let’s not forget how much time and hassle might be expended talking to and contracting with vendors. Delivery and transports of equipment can be arduous and risky as well. The obvious solution is to sidestep many of these unwanted tasks by choosing short-term laptop rentals.

That’s where we come in. We are your go-to laptop rental service provider. Instead of buying laptops that go obsolete in a matter of years, you can utilize the newest technology when you get a laptop rental from us only when you need it. This means better value and convenience for you and your team.

What Alpineinfosoft Do

Our services handle the technical and laptop set up processes so that you don’t have to. We’ll be present at your training space to set up and support your seminar in real-time, assisting your users with any technical issues that arise. Our customer-focused team is trained to address any and all of your employees’ needs.

Using a new software or system can be daunting for your trainees. Add to that technical problems and you’ve got a recipe for anxiety. From laptops not starting to operating system issues, your guests could face a host of issues if your tech is under-prepared or improperly configured. This is terrible for inspiring confidence in a new system. We ensure that these roadblocks do not occur. We want you, and your system, to look good and get a terrific reception.

The Benefits

Laptop rentals provide several key benefits to your business. For one, we all know that time is money. And just imagine the costs of procuring new technology every time you run training. Our experts maintain a selection of top-notch technology that we can tailor to your training needs. Instead of buying, you can rent the latest and greatest from our company and know it will meet your training needs. Instead of spending weeks and months researching and acquiring new laptops, invest that time in perfecting your training session.

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Our staff handles the complex logistics of transporting laptops to your location. This is a risky and expensive process for your company to pursue itself. That’s why we provide this service as part of our end-to-end rental. We apply our years of industry experience to ensure reliable transport and delivery of all equipment.

Similarly, configuring laptops can be a complicated process. Our service will configure each machine with identical imaging and set up all hardware directly in your training location. We bring all the equipment to you, setting up workstations that will actually work. We also stick around to make sure nothing goes wrong, providing on-the-spot troubleshooting for you and your guests.

Attempting to acquire, configure, and set up a large set of laptops is not only risky, but it can also drain time that should be spent focusing on the training itself. Small systems teams should focus on what they know best—their system. We can handle the rest. So don’t let event planning create bottlenecks for your organization. Prepare your training, invite your guests, and let us make your next session a complete success.

We have been in the laptop rentals long enough to understand your needs. Our customer and user-focused, concierge approach makes us the ideal turn-key laptop rental service in the business. Take the first step in setting up the perfect training session for your staff by giving us a call today to learn more. Let us take it from here.

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