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Using a Macbook Pro

When it comes to outfitting your business with the best, most reliable technology, you’re faced with one simple-yet-daunting question: Apple laptops or Windows laptops? Before you get overwhelmed, learn about the features offered by MacBook Pro laptops and why some companies prefer them to traditional PCs.

Why Companies Avoid Windows Laptop Computers

  1. The most economical choice for companies who have vast IT staff, a Windows laptop doesn’t get the same love as a MacBook Pro – and for good reason. Depending on the manufacturer, the quality of a PC can vary greatly.
  2. Without doing a ton of research and sifting through lengthy buyer’s guides, you may choose a fleet of subpar PCs that leave you spending money on upgrades, software, and extra staff just to get the features your company needs.
  3. Additionally, most PCs only come stocked with a trial of anti-virus software which isn’t ideal for companies seeking a long-term computing solution. Expect to invest additional time and money installing security software.
  4. It doesn’t stop there, though. You must also track needed updates, ensure the program is built to protect your assets from the latest cyber threats, and possibly take a loss when downtime is needed to perform system maintenance.

4 Reasons MacBook Pros are Perfect for Businesses

For the reasons mentioned above, companies are beginning to move away from traditional Windows laptops in favor of the MacBook Pro. Explore the features offered by this intuitive Apple laptop to discover why it has become a business favorite.

MacBook Pro’s Reliability Outclasses the PC

If you’ve ever heard the term “blue screen of death,” you’ve heard it in reference to a PC. Apple computers are famous for their reliability and longevity in the tech world. If you purchase an Apple computer today and take care of it, you can expect to have it for years with no issues.

State-of-the-Art Photo and Video Editing

Whether you’re business is focused on design or you simply want to keep marketing materials and business asset creation in-house, MacBook Pro is ready for any photo or video editing task you can throw at it. Stocked with the industry standard Final Cut Pro X, MacBook Pro is ready to edit multicam projects with up to three streams of 4K video. Thanks to P3, which gives you access to 25% more colors for vivid, true-to-life images and video, viewers will be astounded by the final result.

Artist working on a Macbook Pro

Better Out-of-the-Box Security

The MacBook Pro’s highly portable design comes with fingerprint sensors to quickly and accurately allow authorized users to access the system and keep unauthorized users out. There are no passwords to use (or lose) or smart cards to manage. Security is built-in to the MacBook Pro at every level, making this a great option for companies with smaller IT teams.

Intuitive Design and Features

Apple managed to make the MacBook Pro the sleekest computer yet by eliminating the need for extra keyboard commands. The large touchpad is extremely sensitive to capture your every move and the glass-encased Touch Bar adjusts its options to match whatever you’re currently doing on the computer. Yes, the options change as your work does, and you can even answer your iPhone or FaceTime call from the Touch Bar. How nifty is that?

The Bottom Line

As decision-makers begin to lean toward feature-rich laptops in exchange for mass-produced PCs, the MacBook Pro becomes the clear winner a battle of computing power. Between its reliability, security, and best-in-class editing programs, the MacBook Pro is the obvious choice for business owners who need to get the most from their tech investment.

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