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When it comes to computers and laptops a lot of people look to the ports. When a new device comes out customers immediately want to know what types of ports the device has and how many. That’s what makes the newest MacBook such a curious little thing. It only has two ports. There is a port on the left for USB-C power, data and display connectivity and then a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack on the right that allows connectivity with any standard audio gear.

ThinkstockPhotos-177148709But what does this mean? Well for starters it means that accessory makers will be battling each other harder than ever to have an accessory that is worthy of that spot. Well as it turns out LaCie is already on that train, wasting no time in announcing a hard drive that will work with Apple’s new notebook.

Known as the Porsche Design USB-C, this device will work with any device sporting a USB-C port. At the moment these devices are slim but, like all technology, the craze will catch on. The Porsche Design USB-C is reversible and uses a type-C connector on the actual drive meaning that you can use a standard USB-C cable and plug it into either device without having to worry which side is the “right” side. In addition to that, transfer speeds operate at USB 3.0 level, which means you get up to 100 MB/s data send and receive rates.

Most LaCie products are generally created for Mac and Mac users, mostly because if shared design similarities, and the new USB-C Porsche Design follows suit. This device has an aluminum case with a slick matte finish that matches, almost perfectly, with the new MacBook. Moreover, the case is also a full 3mm thick in order to prevent damage from accidental drops and spills.

ThinkstockPhotos-475416113To top it all off, the drive is also backward compatible with existing USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports thanks to an adapter cable that it is included in the box. The Porsche Design USB-C comes in three sizes, 500GB, 1TB or 2TB and will start shipping “next quarter” according to LaCie. Unfortunately, the company has yet to reveal any pricing information.

While technology like this may seem a bit strange, the overall eagerness of LaCie to start making things for the new MacBook port already is a particularly nice insight into how widely the technology will soon become. When the new MacBook is released on April 10 you can expect to see a lot more tech like the Porsche Design USB-C hitting the market and gaining popularity.

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